🌟 Be Your Child’s North Star 🌟

Be Your Child's North Star


Be Your Child's North Star

Be Your Child’s North Star


As a child I remember looking into the night sky and wondering where all those bright stars came from and what their purpose was. I was never very good at finding the different constellations with the exception of the Big Dipper. However, there was one star which always stuck out to me. The North Star (Polaris), is the one I used to wish upon and pray to as if it were where my relatives went after they passed away. I felt a sense of safety and comfort in this star and it was only as I got older I realized its importance in providing both direction and stability. If you look at the stars at night no doubt you would be able to find the North Star. It appears to always remain in a fixed, stable position and marks a due north direction.

Now you are probably wondering why I am talking about stars!🌟 My message is simple. It is your job to be your child’s North Star. As your child goes back to school think of this message. Provide some direction, stability, and guidance in his or her life. It is your job to be leader, role model, and teacher both at home and out and about in the community.

I also encourage you to go above and beyond the normal questions after school. Show interest and stay involved beyond the simple question “How was school?” When this question is asked it is inevitable you will be met with an answer of “Good.” Ask questions and be informed of the who, what, where, when, and how’s of school and other community activities. Some of my favorite questions to ask include the following:

– “How did you help someone else today?”

– “What were two positive interactions you had with others today?”

– “What is something new you learned and was it easy or difficult?”

These questions encourage an open conversation with your child and demonstrate an active interest in his or her day. And when your child or teenager asks you similar questions in return you may ask what do I do? Again, the answer is simple. Be honest and share!


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Katey Lindell

Katey Lindell

I am a therapist but first and foremost it is my goal to have my clients see me as a person. To me, the most important part of being a therapist is the relationship I form with clients. As my client, you will have my trust, honesty, creative spirit, availability, encouragement and a safe place to share whatever is on your mind. I enjoy working with children as young as five, teens, adults, families and couples.

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