A Hidden Grief: Disenfranchised Grief


Hidden Grief: Disenfranchised Grief


Take a moment and think of one of the most devastating moments of your life. . . Now imagine being unable to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with those around you. In a time where you need family, friends, and your community the most you feel the need to keep your sadness, anger, frustration, and guilt to yourself. This idea demonstrates disenfranchised grief.

Disenfranchised grief was first defined by Dr. Kenneth Doka in 1989 as “grief that is experienced when a loss cannot be openly acknowledged, socially sanctioned, or publicly mourned.” In other words, it becomes a hidden grief or may not be seen as significant by anyone else.

In the coming weeks, my blogs will continue to surround and build off this idea of disenfranchised grief. Please check them out and reach out with questions.


In one way or another we all experience grief within our lifetime. Remember grief may be caused by more than a death of a loved one.


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