Kayla Larkin Early Bird
Kayla Larkin MS, LPC

Becoming an Early Bird

Most know the saying “the early bird gets the worm”, what the saying doesn’t tell us is how to become an early bird.

For many years I myself was most certainly NOT an early bird and preferred to leave the worms for someone else and sleep in. College has a tendency to turn people into night owls with late night cramming for next day exams, night classes, work, and even social events. The transition from college to the work force can be challenging with one of the major challenges is having to become a morning person. Waking up early has so many advantages including having more time to do what matters to you!

Hear are 10 simple steps to help you become a little bit more of a morning person and be that early bird getting the worm.

    1. Prepare for tomorrow tonight – pack your bag (purse, briefcase, backpack; running around looking for everything in the morning trying not to forget something makes the morning dreadful.
    2. Create a bedtime routine – wind down before bed, brush your teeth, try breathing exercises or meditating.
    3. Find a reason to wake up early – for example quality time with your spouse before the kids wake up
    4. Get a good night’s sleep – becoming a morning person often requires you to go to bed earlier to get the amount of sleep your body needs to recharge fully.
    5. Wake up at the same time – getting up at the same time every day helps regulate your body, which will make it easier to wake up.
    6. Natural Light – when your alarm goes off open the curtains or turn on the lights when it is still dark outside. This will help your body and mind realize it’s morning.
    7. Make your bed – this one small accomplishment right away has the ability to lead you to having a successful day.
    8. Start your day with something you enjoy – coffee, exercise, watching the news
    9. Set an intention for the day – Make the choice to find something good within the day.
    10. Be kind to yourself – this is a process that takes time for your mind and body to adjust to.

This is a process and takes time because you are re-programming your body to do something different. Small steps add up to big progress.

Pitfall to avoid – Try not to sleep in too much later on the weekend this will make each week feel like you are starting from the beginning.

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