Healthy Marriages

Marriage requires effort. In today’s chaos of busy children, busy work life and striving to secure autonomy, caretaking of the marriage relationship can be put on the backburner. Books abound regarding the topic of healthy marriage. Couples often report having purchased books either in print or on audio, yet lacking the time, energy or motivation to finish reading. Despite the logical and emotional self knowing marriage needs to be nurtured and fed, somehow this priority loses status when contending with things that feel-and at times are- more pressing in day-to-day living. When working with couples, I encourage the use of the Marriage Dashboard by Andy Savage. Andy is a pastor at High Point Church. As a teacher pastor, a husband and a father of five boys, Andy knows the chaos of daily life as well as the importance of teaching couples to put the marriage and spouse ahead of other priorities. Andy’s marriage dashboard is a simple way to gauge the health of your marriage and home in on one or more areas that warrant extra caretaking.

Watch Andy’s video regarding the dashboard (link below) and ask yourself how you and your spouse are doing on the following:

Starting the day with God

Having fun together

Honoring each other

Living in community

Fighting for intimacy

The marriage dashboard allows you to take a quick snapshot of the health of your marriage, guiding you where you need to load more attention in caretaking your relationship and your spouse.


Video regarding the marriage dashboard:


Andy Savage: The Marriage Dashboard