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Looking for a New Years Resolution? Ready to try something different?

Where did the year go? As you find yourself at the end of another year, you might find yourself thinking: Where did this year go? Did I complete what I had hoped to accomplish? Did I become the person I had hoped to become? Most New Year resolutions tend to focus on making individual goals and taking steps to improve or change some aspect about ourselves for the better. How about a resolution that reaches out to someone else and has an impact on someone other than just yourself?

 Decide this year that you’re going to make a resolution that impacts your spouse or partner. A resolution that can help the both of you become a better person, a better team, achieve greater fulfillment and become more successful.

 Redefine success. Success is not just what we achieve personally but the impact we have on those we love and how those closest to us think of us.

Think Bigger and believe that your relationship can be better than you ever thought.

Look deeper. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the mundane or fall into routine. Desire a deeper sense of closeness and intimacy. Seek your partner at a deeper level.

Be willing to look at yourself, identifying the obstacles in your heart that may be barriers to deeper relationships with others.

Establish teamwork, knowing you cannot do this on your own and you need someone to be there when things get difficult.

Set goals so that you do not get trapped in a pattern of indifference, resentment, or contempt.

Have staff meetings, plan together, dream together.

Develop a plan for resolving conflict. Learn to resolve issues understanding that conflict is the road to intimacy.

Get help from a professional if you need to. This can save time and heartache and can get you on the road to intimacy much sooner.
For many of us, we find life has changed dramatically the last few years and our world is different. Many people are unhappy, feel a sense of helplessness and feel a loss of control over their lives. When this happens, it is normal to begin to look for something in our lives we can change or control. We look to identify what is causing our unhappiness. Many people blame their jobs and look to change jobs or careers. More people than ever are changing occupations or companies. They also look to change their relationships. They begin to blame their partner or spouse for their unhappiness.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting a series of blogs describing steps on How to save your relationships that include communication, conflict resolution and ways to improve your closeness and intimacy. Let’s make this our New Years resolution.

Happy New Year.

My name is Larry Bengtson and I am the Founder and Administrator for Lighthouse Counseling, Ltd. I have a passion and a dedication for the Building of Strong Marriages (Couples) and Healthy Families. I earned my Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin -River Falls after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology from St. Ambrose University. I am also a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (CTMH). Lighthouse Counseling was established to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment for people to disclose their personal struggles, receive help and restore their relationships. I have been practicing as a Professional Counselor for over 25 years and specialize in treating marriages/couples and families. I have helped hundreds of families and individuals navigate the complexities of life.

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