Taking Ownership of Your Life

Taking Ownership of Your Life

What does it look like to take ownership of your life? Many of the clients I have seen over the years have found themselves tossed by the storms of life. I have heard clients feel defeated by circumstances, unhealthy patterns, and expectations of others. Many of us who have experienced painful life situations, develop patterns of survival that leave us feeling like bystanders in their own lives.

How does a person stop the cycle and take back ownership of their life?

Take Control of Your Life, Stop the cycle!

First, it is important to remember that transformative growth requires self-awareness and a willingness to change. When someone is “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” they must resolve to try something different. This journey begins by looking inward to determine what part we have played in our cycles of destructive relationships, situations, or behaviors. Humility and courage are prerequisites to healing.  

Second, one must examine the environment that surrounds them. This includes people, places, and things. Who are the people you are allowing to speak into your life? Are they helping or hurting you find the freedom that you desire? Where do you spend your time and energy? What do you make time for in your life? What are the things that you enjoy and when was the last time you engaged with them? We cannot walk the journey of healing alone. Compassionate, loving, and safe people are vital to our well-being.

And lastly, it is important to begin the process of deciding what your new life will look like. What will you accept into your life and what will you no longer tolerate? What new patterns of behavior will you engage in? Will you begin saying “no” to people and things that no longer serve you well? How will you care for your body, mind, spirit, and soul?

Taking ownership of your life is not a simple process.

However, it is a road to freedom that I have had the privilege of experiencing with many clients. These men and women were no longer satisfied with watching life happen to them and made the bold decision to trust that they could live differently.

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I believe there is healing power in owning and sharing our stories. We all have parts of our story that we wrestle with, hide, run from, or try to numb. Through my personal and professional experience, I have been amazed by the resiliency and strength of the human experience. I understand the courage and trust that is required to work through these parts of our stories. I feel honored when a client invites me to journey with them in their healing process through counseling. I am passionate about creating safe places for the individuals I work with. My goal as your counselor is to help you feel heard, seen, and valued.

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