Jason D’Amour MA LPCC

Jason earned his Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Bethel University and his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Northwestern St. Paul. His professional experience has included working with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings. Jason approaches counseling with a philosophy that seeks to find the root of issues, rather than only focusing on managing surface-level symptoms.

His perspective is influenced by Attachment theory, Family Systems, and Jungian psychology- including a focus on Personality Types, as identified by the Myers-Briggs (MBTI). Jason’s perspective developed through working in a variety of settings, among a diversity of people, while also drawing from his own life experience. Jason believes change occurs in therapy when the client is able to identify the things that are holding them back or distracting them from finding fulfillment in developing their true self. He believes the work of the therapist is to partner with the client on their journey toward wholeness as a safe, consistent, trustworthy listener and helper. Jason enjoys working with individuals, and also values helping the client incorporate their loved ones in couples, group or family therapy.

Jason enjoys working with people experiencing or impacted by:

  • Addiction – Substance Abuse – Chemical Dependency
  • Divorce, marital issues, parenting
  • Relationship problems
  • Living with an emotionally abusive partner, parent, or friend
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Attachment issues and relationship bonding
  • Parenting
  • Depression
  • Narcissism
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