I am currently a Master’s intern from Crown College’s Masters of Counseling program. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Crown College as well. Prior to beginning my internship with Lighthouse, I worked as a Personal Care Assistant for adolescents and teens with developmental disabilities helping them with day-to-day tasks, teaching practical coping mechanisms, skills training, independence training, and using supportive techniques. 

I tend to use a variety of different therapeutic approaches to best serve the individual. I believe that everyone is unique in their needs and no one approach is a one size fits all model. I see people as biopsychosocial-spiritual beings and believe that mental, physical, and spiritual health are all important and all have an impact on each other. I believe that the therapeutic environment should be open, honest, comfortable, trusting, goal-oriented, and non-judgmental. 

I am available to work with individuals ages 12 and up and am enjoying getting to work with individuals of all ages and walks of life. I have the most experience in working with anxiety, depression, stress management, goal planning, and general life adjustments. I am looking forward to expanding my expertise and skill set through working with a wider demographic and am always up for a challenge. 


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