Mike Friesen has a master’s degree in theology and is finishing master’s degree in counseling from Crown College. Before this Mike has worked in fields related to ministry and serving vulnerable populations.

Mike’s areas of study and experience are in:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief and Loss

Mike has a tremendous amount of hope for people and wants to help you live a rich life. Mental health struggles can be complicated and messy so you deserve someone who will be patient with you and give you the grace, kindness, and support to help you live that out. Mike’s hope is that your therapeutic experience can be one where you can find more hope, truth, and love for your life (hopefully with some growth, vulnerability and laughter sprinkled into it). Mike’s approach is relational, collaborative, solution based and that the client and counselor can work together to help the client find themselves, feel heard, and help them live the best life they can!

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