Welcome to Lighthouse Counseling Ltd.

“Specializing in the Building of Strong Marriages and Healthy Families” has been our motto for over 20 years. At Lighthouse Counseling we believe strongly in helping marriages and families stay together recognizing it is your most valuable asset. We provide a program call “Marriages Forever” designed to help couples in crisis save and improve their relationship.

We have specialists who work with a variety of child and adolescent issues to ensure the success of the entire family. All staff consult and work together for the success of the family system.

Lighthouse Counseling specializes in marital therapy, post-affair recovery for couples, blended family issues, adult children of alcoholics, depression and anxiety issues.

We also provide services in the area of: Children and adolescent counseling, autism spectrum disorders, counseling for parent / child conflict, counseling for those struggling with abuse issues, addiction, and stress management.

At Lighthouse Counseling, we don’t just treat the symptoms of our clients but address the root of the problem.
We offer a multiple treatment options with counselors who specialize in a variety of issues.

Treatment options include traditional outpatient services (in office), in home counseling and online counseling.