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What are the things in your life that bring you Joy?
What are the things that are draining life from you?

Over the last few months there have been many changes to our lives.  

As we begin to re engage it is a good time to think about those two questions.  Thinking about what changes have happened in your life that you want to continue doing.   As well as what are those things that were dropped from your life and it has been just fine that they have been dropped.  

This is important to consider because those things we have dropped we may want to choose not to pick back up.

For example, many have begun cooking at home more and eating meals with their families.  This brings great connection to families.  This is not just beneficial to our children, it is beneficial for couples, and the entire family unit.  Will we choose to drop some of the things that were keeping us from sitting down and having dinner with our families?

In my neighborhood I see more families outside playing together, which before this was not the case.  

People have also found more creative ways to connect with their family and friends.  We have made finding ways to connect a priority.  

I have noticed more appreciation for essential workers who we may have once not valued enough.  

I have noticed increased intention around supporting our small local businesses. 

My hope is these things continue.   

I encourage you to take a little time and ponder these questions.  

John 14: 15-21
“Because you live, I also will live”

Kayla completed her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Winona State University.  Kayla completed her internship at Lighthouse counseling working with individuals, families, and couples.  Her professional experience has included personal growth counseling with college students, inpatient counseling with adolescents, as well as adult clients.  As an a clinician Kayla uses a framework of cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, and family systems.

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