What is meditation?

What is meditation?

When people hear the term meditation, they often think this means clearing the mind. This is a common misconception. 

Meditation is a practice in building one’s awareness. This metacognitive process is a way to think about your thinking. Meditation is an empowering process that enables you to nonjudgmentally think about your own thoughts without reacting to them. 

When we meditate, we practice growing conscious awareness of our thoughts and emotions. It takes time and repetition to build this awareness. By engaging in meditation, we can reduce your tendency to react, increase our capacity to respond thoughtfully, and move towards becoming a more intentional person. 

People are often skeptical about meditation. However, those that do meditate regularly as a practice tend to emanate a peaceful presence. Ask yourself if this is something you wish you had more of: a peaceful and content disposition. We can all benefit from growing in this capacity. 

While there are several types of meditation, here are three meditation tools to help you get started:

Headspace App 

Mindful Breathinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmFUDkj1Aq0

Movement meditation for the restless who see the stillness of sitting meditation particularly challenginghttps://trans4mind.com/jamesharveystout/move-med.htm#What%20is%20movement%20meditation?

Eileen Dummer
Eileen Dummer MA, LPCC

Eileen earned her PhD in Psychology with a Emphasis in Cognition and Instruction after earning her Masters of Arts degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Eileen’s professional experience has included assessment and therapeutic intervention work with pediatric and well as adult clients. As a licensed professional clinical counselor, Eileen uses a frame work of family systems and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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