What Motivates You?

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When we look at the choices we make in our lives they all have one thing in common, we are motivated to make them. Motivation can be a wonderful tool as it assists people in achieving the goals they want to achieve. However, some people struggle with finding the motivation that is right for them. The question to ask yourself when struggling to find motivation is “Why do I want this?”.

Motivation often comes from two different places, inside us or outside us.

The Motivation Inside

The motivation that people find inside of them (internally) is call intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is when people do something because they truly enjoy that activity. The enjoyment of that activity is sufficient enough for people to want to continue that time and time again. Examples of intrinsic motivation are arriving to work early because you like your job, going for a run because you enjoy how it makes you feel, getting up in the mornings because you enjoy your days, and pursuing knowledge because you like to learn.   

Motivation Outside

When people find it difficult to have intrinsic motivation, they may look at finding some extrinsic motivations. Extrinsic motivation is when someone gains motivation from an outside (external) force. When someone is extrinsically motivated, they have a desire to do something in order to get something else. For some people this can be money, grades, praise, and other rewards. Extrinsic motivation often means that people tend not to enjoy the activity and are only engaging in that behavior to receive that reward.

Sometimes extrinsic motivation may be the bridge people need to complete their goals in life. For example, teachers assign grades as a way to motivate their students to complete their homework. For some, this tool is not needed because they truly enjoy learning and homework. For others, they may not like school and need this in order to complete their tasks. Interestingly, the use of extrinsic motivation may also help people in identifying the things the intrinsically motivate them.

Finding your motivation can be a difficult task. Without motivation people struggle to complete their goals and often feel stuck. If you are struggling with your motivation, contact a counselor at Lighthouse Counseling Ltd. We are here to help people discover what motivate them and find purpose, hope, and success in their personal lives and relationships.

For additional information check out this article!

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