Why is it so hard to love our bodies?


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Why is it so hard to love our bodies?


Why is it so hard to love our bodies? How did we get to the place of criticizing and comparing ourselves to others.  We didn’t just wake up one day hating our bodies this happened over time.

Every day we are faced with reminders of what we would like our body to look like.  Whether it be the clothes in our closet that don’t quite fit or the advertisement on the radio we cannot seem to get away from someone or something saying, “You aren’t good enough.” These messages begin to replay in our minds resulting in an inner dialogue.

While working with people I often ask if they would talk to another person, even someone they really dislike they way they talk to themselves.  You may be surprised to hear that the answer tends to be, “no”.  Actually, I have yet to have someone tell me they would and the reason they give is “that would be mean/rude/disrespectful”.  Ask yourself, “If I wouldn’t say this to someone else, why would I say it to myself?”

Here are some ways to love your body regardless of size:

  1. Talk kindly to yourself – you deserve to hear kind words
  2. Do not give people who delight in making you feel bad about yourself more of your time.
  3. Do not sit around with your friends or family and criticize your bodies as a form of social interaction.

We can love our body while also having health goals.  Just because you have chosen to love your body doesn’t mean you can’t have health goals or fitness goals or life goals.  It just means you have chosen to love yourself while working to meet those goals.

In a society that profits from your self doubt, it is time to take back control and learn to love yourself!

If you are waiting for a sign this is it; Love yourself, your body, your mind.

Schedule an appointment and let me help you start accepting and loving yourself.  There is no better day than TODAY.

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