Will you be mine…every day?

Will You Be Mine Every Day?

Before Valentine’s Day this month everyone will be purchasing gifts, cards and candy to show people in their lives how much they love them. It is easy to forget to show loved ones how much we care every day. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating love, friendship and family through romantic messages, affections and gifts on Valentine’s Day in a tradition of dedicating the day to proving our love. I certainly don’t recommend telling your loved ones they won’t be getting chocolates because they should appreciate the little things. However, it is important to find little ways to show people you love them every day.

Showing someone you love them throughout the day can be as easy sitting down to eat breakfast together, talking a walk together or leaving an encouraging or sweet note for them. Daily reminders of how much we care for people in our lives lets them know you are thinking of them. Every little thing we do for each other adds up.

Doing the smallest things each day can bring an awareness to the everyday things that might have been taken for granted before. Recognizing that the little things can bring you joy, fulfill needs and have a big impact on daily life can make them just as special as the big things. Instead of waiting to do big things for others to make them feel loved, take time to do the little things and make someone feel loved every day.

I am currently a Master’s degree Intern from the Crown College counseling program and have  completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from St. Cloud State University. I am most influenced by mindfulness-based interventions and believe in utilizing an integrative approach to therapy, combining different therapeutic approaches to meet the unique needs of each client. I work from a collaborative approach assisting and supporting clients. I believe that the therapy process should help guide people to an increase self-awareness, gain new perspectives, decrease symptoms, and increase personal strengths. I enjoy helping people who seek counseling to have more meaningful experiences in life. My interests include working with adolescents  and adults age 15 and older who are experiencing:

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