Tips To Improve Mental Health & Well-Being

  1. Get Active! One of the most effective methods to feel better is to get up and get active doing something. Move around, go for a walk, exercise, play a sport, do things around your home. Create a regular pattern engaging in movement of some type. Your body and brain with thank you! Too much sedentary behavior can create patterns that produces feelings of sluggishness, disconnection and avoidance from important, meaningful things. We all need time to sit and rest AND it is vital that we get active and maintain patterns of activity in our lives.
  1. Go To Bed! Getting regular, consistent sleep is vital to everyone’s well-being. Our emotional and intellectual capacity for managing stress, solving problems, being creative and present in our lives is directly linked to the amount and quality of sleep we get. It is very difficult to perform optimally when we are tired, worn down, and sleep deprived. Getting regular consistent sleep will improve ones emotional and intellectual functioning, improve mood, and ability to enjoy life! Our bodies heal themselves from a multitude of things while it’s in a sleep state. There are a myriad of self-initiated sleep-related behaviors one can do to improve sleep quality (set a calming bedtime routine, consistent wake time, dietary considerations, among many more). There is professional medical assessment and treatment as well for individuals with sleep disorders. The bottom line is, good sleep changes us, heals us, and contributes to us feeling better!
  1. Connect! We are relational beings and designed for connection with others! People vary in how much connection they feel good about or comfortable with. The truth is though, we are designed to know others and to be known by others. Healthy relationships put a joy and spark into everyone’s lives. Make it a point to be intentional in your relationships. Spend time with those you care about. Go on a date with that special someone; foster interest in your children’s favorite activities; call a friend you haven’t chatted with for a while and grab lunch; go golfing, fishing, shopping, or to the theatre; write someone an email, send them a card or a letter; take a family trip, play a game, invite people over for a fire or barbeque; say hi to someone at work and introduce yourself. The options are endless. Find a cure and positive feelings through connection!
  1. Challenge Yourself! One of the best ways to feel better is to challenge ourselves with a goal, and then go achieve it. Everyone can build their confidence and competence by committing to doing something a little bit challenging. Confidence and competence feels great! Committing to doing something a little bit hard and mastering it creates a marvelous boost in how one feels about themselves. Building Mastery can be with anything, but it needs to be a little bit challenging to get the benefit. Learn a new skill, start a new hobby, solve a problem, study a new topic, get more education, get a little out of your comfort zone, and persevere with something. This will help you feel accomplished, confident and competent.

Scott A. Paulson MS, LMFT – Scott obtained his Master of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Cloud State University. Scott is licensed by the Board of Marriage & Family Therapy in Minnesota to practice therapy with individuals, couples and family systems. Scott is also a board-approved clinical supervisor in the state of Minnesota

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